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Hydaker Associates - Trusted name in furniture since 1974

Decades of Experiance.

Tradition plays it all when we indulge in the manufacturing process and it highlights in quality, designs, choosing of materials, knowing the pulse of customers and market and everything you code under experience and expertise. Hydaker Associates is one of the most experienced furniture manufacturer and suppliers in Calicut.

Quality Woods

Hydaker Associates has a wide range of unique designs and specifications in the highest quality and standard seasoned wood that is available in the industry which makes us the best wooden furniture manufacturer in Calicut. We work with all types of quality wood like Rosewood, Teakwood, Mahagony etc. We observe strict controls in choosing wood and all other materials for the products and thus longevity becomes another feature of Hydaker Associates.

Niyas Ummer

Niyas Ummer

Friendly staff, good selection of furniture

Friendly staff, good selection of furniture, accessible location. Slightly less parking space.