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At Hydaker you can see the mesmerizing architecture in Rosewood, Teakwood, etc., which can win your heart and mind. We encourage perfect art forms to meet our customer’s demands.

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Rosewood Furniture

Rosewood is a type of hardwood that is commonly used in the manufacturing of furniture. It is prized for its beautiful grain patterns and rich color, which ranges from pink to dark brown. Rosewood furniture is often used in the creation of high-end and luxury pieces, such as dining tables, chairs, desks, and cabinets. Its durability and resistance to decay make it ideal for long-lasting, high-quality furniture.

Design, followed by Form & Function. Our core values allow us to innovate & push foward.

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Every space has a unique character and identity. We help our customers to bring this uniqueness into their spaces-be it home, office or any functional space. We offer a start-to-end service where we meet a client, understand their needs, visit the site and then implement all necessary interior works that cater to the clients requirements while being aesthetically appealing too.

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Hydaker Associates has a wide range of home collection furniture and free delivery for furniture around in Calicut. Our range of furniture products includes sofa set, cots, beds, mattresses, Dining table, Cupboards, Dressing table, study tables, mattress and wall d├ęcor art.